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QuickBooks Desktop is Going Away.
Should I migrate to QuickBooks Online? Upgrade to Enterpise? Do nothing for now?

Be confident in what to do next with our QuickBooks Consultation for organizations currently running QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier.

This isn’t a decision you want to make without help.

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Make The Right Move.

The end of QuickBooks Desktop doesn't have to be a headache.

Are you one of the countless businesses being forced to migrate off of QuickBooks Desktop? We get it… nobody has time for these things.

From 3rd party integrations to custom reporting, Lucrum knows all the in’s and out’s of QuickBooks and can make sure your new accounting system is giving you accurate and timely information.

First, let the experts at Lucrum ensure you are making the best decision for your business. Then we can assist with the process of upgrading or migrating. At the end of this process it’s vitally important that you trust the new system and have Confidence in the Numbers.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the consultation work & what does it cost?

Answer: The consultation can happen over the phone and will review the current QuickBooks Desktop implementation. Our professional accountants will walk through all of the important questions and implications. With that information we’ll be able to recommend migrating to QuickBooks Online, upgrading to Enterprise, or upgrading to the 2024 version of Desktop and using the 3 years of included support to transition. The cost of the consultation is $299.

Q: What might your expert recommendation include?

Answer: There are several paths we might recommend for businesses running QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier:

  • Continue using QuickBooks Desktop unsupported.
  • Upgrade to Quickbooks Desktop 2024 before May 31 2024 & sit tight for 3 years.
  • Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Migrate to QuickBooks Online.
  • Transition to non-QuickBooks accounting software.

Q: What criteria do you evaluate?

Answer: We look at everything from numbers of users and number of company files to detailed reporting requirements. We also consider timing, including whether deferring any larger upgrade or migration in lieu of upgrading to Desktop 2024 to buy more time may be the best path. Our goal is to recommend the solution that is the best value for an organization, while still meeting all financial visibility and reporting needs.

Q: Which organizations will benefit the most from an upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise from Pro or Premier?

Answer: It’s important to look at a host of factors, but as a rule of thumb, organizations that require advanced inventory management, budget performance reporting, are made up of multiple entities or require customized reporting and setup may be good candidates for QuickBooks Enterprise.

Q: Do you offer a service to just upgrade each company file?

Answer: Yes! Lucrum’s upgraded packages begin at $79 per company file upgrade. Packages may vary in price depending on level of complexity and number of company files.

Q: Which organizations will benefit the most from a migration to QuickBooks Online?

Answer: Again, we recommend a formal assessment, but in general, organizations that prioritize accessibility, sharing and integrations, would prefer to pay in a subscription model, do not need advanced reporting capabilities and have many remote users and just one business organization may be good candidates for the migration to QuickBooks Online from Desktop.
For more information about the QuickBooks Desktop phase out, check out this article.


QuickBooks Consultation Service

$299. Includes: Review of current QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier implementation, analysis of key requirements and formal recommendation based on your company's integrations, reporting needs, and more. This isn’t a decision you want to make without help. Schedule your consultation with Lucrum today.
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*Lucrum Consulting is not a Quickbooks reseller, or affiliated with Intuit. Consulting services are provided as a third-party service independent of any relationship our client may have with Quickbooks.


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