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Running your business shouldn’t be this hard. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

Our CFO consulting services

are like having a personal trainer for your business

As businesses grow, leaders need insight and information to make good decisions, but pretty soon you find yourself spending more time dealing with financial details than leading the business.

Or worse yet, you find yourself out of your depth with increasingly complex financials (“it’s good enough” right?), and end up making costly decisions on bad information. You realize you need C-level financial expertise, but don’t need a full-time CFO.

That’s where Lucrum comes in. Our CFO consulting services help you fill this crucial gap by providing part-time, or “fractional” CFOs with decades of business leadership experience who are available when you need them.

By outsourcing the CFO function, you get access to a professional “virtual” CFO to tackle the priority financial challenges unique to this particular moment in your business. You can refocus on business strategy and lead with confidence.

Bad Information

costs you a fortune when it comes to

Business Strategy · Purchasing · Hiring & Payroll · Cost Management · Profitability Study · Insurance
Job Costing · Estimating · Pricing

What is a virtual CFO?

Virtual CFOs are financial experts with business leadership experience who provide remote CFO consulting services to businesses for whom hiring an in-house CFO would not make sense. Virtual CFO consulting services may mean a business is paired with a dedicated virtual CFO or has access to a team of CFO resources.

When does a business need CFO consulting services vs. a CFO?

There’s no magic revenue number, headcount, or growth rate that says “now is the time.” Instead, if your business’s size, complexity, or trajectory are outpacing your ability to establish useful forecasts, maintain adequate controls, and manage growth strategically, it may be time to consider fractional CFO services. Think your business may be ready to hire a full-time chief financial officer? Learn more about 3 key areas to help you determine whether the time is right to hire a CFO here.

What are the benefits of outsourced CFO consulting services?

An outsourced, virtual CFO provides an accurate picture of the whole business so that you can stay focused on running it. CFO consulting services empower you to manage growth by unpacking the meaning of the data and providing financial clarity.

How much do outsourced CFO services cost vs. a full-time CFO in 2020?

Fractional CFO services can save significant money, as a full-time position may command over $200,000. A part-time CFO not only saves in salary and benefit costs, but provides services only as needed to target specific, evolving priorities. Lucrum’s CFO consulting services start at $599/mo.

Do You Have An Action Plan For Growing Your Business?

"As a small business owner, Lucrum Consulting has helped fill a gap between our internal bookkeeping and our accountants and overseen our records so they are clean, accurate and up to date when we need to submit for year-end tax accounting. We created custom statements that give me, a non-financial person, a clear, simple picture of specific assets. The fees are reasonable and a good value for what we get in return. I feel my books are in very good shape having Lucrum involved."
Judd McAdams
RED Partners, LLC

Leading Confidently

means having a plan

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