Outsourced Controllers & Senior Accountants

for when basic number crunching is no longer enough

A Clear, Simple Picture

of your business assets to manage growth

You and your bookkeeper have successfully managed data entry and mastered day-to-day accounting functions. But you need more than that to take your business to the next level.

That where Lucrum comes in. Yes, we can do the heavy lifting of managing account reconciliation, accounts payable, invoicing, job costing, audits and other accounting functions. But our outsourced Controller services go beyond basic oversight of your bookkeeping and accounting.

Our proven team of Controllers and accounting experts first give you confidence in the numbers by ensuring you are making decisions based on the right data. Then, we come alongside you to help you interpret that data - giving you a clearer view into your books so you can lead confidently.

What is an outsourced, virtual Controller?

Lucrum's outsourced Controllers, also sometimes referred to as Virtual Controllers or Remote Senior Accountants, give you remote access to resources with decades of business leadership experience on a contract basis. Our Outsourced controller and senior level accountant services (which start at $599/mo.) are more affordable compared to full-time Controllers, whose annual salary can often cost a business $150k+.

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Does my business need an outsourced Controller or CFO?

A financial controller oversees bookkeeping, but also provides management with additional information such as reports about financial performance for use in planning and managing growth. And crucially, the controller must be a good communicator across all levels of an organization.

A controller's function spans across bookkeeping, accounting and accurate reporting. But it normally stops at overall financial strategy, fundraising, finance team management and other C-level responsibilities. If your business needs overall financial direction and guidance, you are more likely in need of CFO resources.

With Lucrum's monthly engagements, you can get access to an entire team of resources including CFOs, Controllers and senior level accountants.

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When do you need outsourced Controller services?

First, you may not have enough work to justify hiring a full-time senior accounting resource. Alternatively, asking an existing employee to manage this function and the details of bookkeeping in addition to their current workload could result in decreased focus and costly financial mistakes. You may also not want an in-house employee to have access to sensitive employee data like salaries and benefits. Outsourcing this function keeps sensitive information one-step removed from internal staff while decreasing risk with a resource focused entirely on this function.

Our Senior Accountants

reduce the risk of costly financial mistakes.
Learn about this and other reasons that outsourcing bookkeeping may make sense for your business

6 Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Bookkeeping

Leading Confidently

means having a plan

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